Hunched over his staff, this old beggar asks for coppers as he travels along the road.


67 years old, 5’7", 145 lbs

ST | 8
DX | 12
IQ | 14
HT | 12

Magery 4
Clerical Investment
Rank: Brother of the Order of the Risen Christ

Bad Back (Mild)
Phantom Voices (Diabolical)
Intolerance towards Elves
Enemy: Guild of Mages

  • Frequency Rarely (6 or less)
  • Hunter
  • Large group: 20 – 1000

Likes Altar Boys
Thinks elf blood is good for the body


“Now the betrayer had arranged a signal with them, ‘The one I kiss is the man; arrest him.’ Going at once to Jesus, Judas said, ‘Greetings, Rabbi!’ and kissed him. Jesus replied, ‘Do what you came for, friend.’ And that was the kiss that would hold him until his rising. Do you understand, young Asher? That was the beginning; the first two of our order.”

Young Asher nodded his head agreeably.

“That kiss kept the life in the Lord for the days that followed. Through his trial; through his burden and crucifixion. And finally through his death and then back to life.” stated Cardinal Giovanni de’ Medici. “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh, but we maketh. You shall learn the ways of the Order of the Risen Christ. We are the reason for all this.” Giovanni swept his hand across the skyline of Rome from their secluded balcony. “And I shall be Pope soon, when, that fool, Julius the II finally meets his demise. Magic is a gift from the Lord and it is best used to perpetuate the majesty of the Lord.”

Giovanni looked deeply into the intent eyes of a young Asher. “We raised His son and started the faith. And we intend to keep the faith, by any means necessary.” Through a laugh Giovanni said, “Our means are not orthodox, but the demons are necessary to keep the faith. The layperson is quick to find the Lord, but also quick to forget. The demons remind them of what they should fear. It is a necessary evil that we must bear like the Lord Christ; we must summon them from time to time to ‘remind’ the disbelievers.” Giovanni turned from the balcony and walked back into his chambers. The Cardinals robes fell from his shoulders as he looked back over his shoulder at the young altar boy, Asher, still on the balcony, “You show promise, Asher. Now show me what you can do with a wand.”

That was 1509, and so much has happened since.

I was only a foolish altar boy in those days. How much I have learned since. Giovanni taught me many things and when he was raised to the Papacy and named Pope Leo X, I was ordained a brother in the Order of the Risen Christ. That was 1513. But it wasn’t long until the power of the Papacy weakened Giovanni. He began to denounce the things we had done that had brought him to power. Soon after his coronation, he tried to dissolve the Order, but as the backbone of the faith we would not die easy. Like Jesus himself, we would always rise and do God’s work.

It was 1517, I think, when the Coward Pope declared the Order and their leader Romulus the Pious apostates, albeit because the Order attempted to poison him. I was spared the allegations of heresy, mainly because of my history with Giovianni and because I also denounced the Order with him. Such a fool he was! Did he really think he could trust me? He had taught me how to take power and I had learned well. It still makes me smile thinking of that night, the night I solidified my place in the Order of the Risen Christ.

Romulus the Pious had told me it must be done quietly and discretely. Well, Giovanni and I were nothing if not discrete. I went to his chambers, as I often did, late at night. He let me in and I could tell he was excited to see me. We talked and drank wine. As he drunkenly stumbled to bed, I brought up the night years ago when he first brought me to his chambers. He began to smile when I said, “Remember when you asked me what I could do with a wand?” But that smile quickly faded as I continued, “I no longer need one. Let me show you what Romulus has taught me to do without one.” He began to panic upon hearing that name and as I crossed the room towards him, he tripped on the rug in his drunken state. It was too easy. Ahh, I can still see the fear in his eyes as the magic shot into his heart and ended the reign of Pope Leo X. I was once again united with my brothers in the Order of the Risen Christ that day in 1521.

Apostates to the Church, heretics in the eyes people, it made no matter, we were powerful. There is no greater thrill to me than to call out to Mastema and bring forth one of his own. Each demon we summoned brought us closer to the Lord. For as the Father Above created man, we created something more powerful and more divine. He had done the same once, but forsake them for the weaker creature, the human and the other sub-species, elves, dwarves, and the like. What interest he has in them I know not and care even less. Such ephemeral lives they lead. Going on about this and that, wasting their lives. I have learned, from the Order, the secrets of immortality and I intend to use them.

It was my 64th year in 1562 when I first drank of the life of another. It was in France, while I was escorting the Duke of Guise through Wassy. Those troublesome Hugonauts tried to stop us from entering a church for evening prayer. One of them threw a stone and it stuck the Duke. The soldiers with us quickly cut the Calvinists down. I stood over the dying body of the young man who had thrown the stone and summoning the energy from earth I took his last dying breath and the years he had left in him. How revitalized I felt in that moment. The zeal I felt came out the next day and was felt by the people of Wassy as the demons ran through the town slaughtering man and woman alike. Once again the people feared the Lord and Mastema’s work was done.

I had gone back to Rome after that and became part of Romulus the Pious’ inner council. In the years that followed the Order of the Risen Christ had to remain quiet. The Church was still trying to stop our acts even though they benefited from them. The people reviled us and the College of Arcane Arts was beginning to search for us for our use of magic. That all came to a head during the Thirty Years War. They sided with the Protestants and the sub-species, as could be expected, but the work of the Lord must still be done as well as that of Mastema. I forget the town and the year where we had our triumphant moment, but I will never forget the taste of elf blood. The Order was somewhere in the southern Germanic States when we came upon a settlement of elves. The demons ahead of us cut through them as a heated knife through butter. Their screams were pathetic! I had the honor of climbing the ladder and giving the hanged elves the blessing of Mastema as their human cohorts watched from a distance in fear. That was the first time I saw a hellscar blossom and the first time Mastema talked directly too me. It was the next day that the College of Arcane Arts put a bounty out for me as well as the rest of the Order.

Elf tree

That was about 100 years ago and my brothers and I have been in hiding. But as Christ himself once rose, so will the Order. Our latest creation has brought me much interest. We kidnapped a virgin girl and brought her to our sanctuary. The thought was that if we could bridge the gap between human and demon, they would no long have to be summoned and instead could breed to rid this world of the sub-species. The experiment was an absolute success, but some in the Order think we had gone too far. Romulus himself thinks this may have crossed a line. Mastema told me that we hadn’t gone far enough. Romulus locked the spawn of Mastema in the dungeon of our stronghold. I told Romulus this is the will of Mastema and we had words and he told me I must know my place. I do now, my place is next to Mastema and Romulus must go. One night as everyone slept, Mastema said to me, “It is time, Asher. Release my son.” I let myself into the dungeon and quietly opened the door to its cell while it too slept. I returned to my bed and locked the door to my chamber. I was soon awaken by the screams of my unfaithful brothers as the beast ripped through them.

They eventually bound the beast and locked him away again in the dungeon. Days passed and the brothers of the Order talked of banishing the demon spawn. I talked too, but instead of with my brothers, I talked with Mastema. I asked him for guidance and he told me of the future. He said, “Asher, my faithful servant, you have never faltered in your service to me. You shall be rewarded for your service. I see you standing next to me as Lucifer once stood next to God, but unlike God, I shall not cast you aside. The Order has lost it’s way and it is time you strike out on your own. You shall create the Order anew and your first follower shall be my son. Free him and escape this band of fools and do my work across the lands. Tonight, slay Romulus and release my son, calm him and take him with you. Glory and the World shall be yours. The name Asher shall be feared and revered throughout the lands. You will be immortal and rule all of mankind, a god among men!”

And so it was done. I called upon Romulus under the guise of atoning for my sins, but once in his presence, I cast a wicked spell upon him. I entombed him in the earth beneath us to rot with the worms. Best he die with his own kind. Then stalking into the depths of the dungeon I came upon the two guards posted outside the beasts cell. With the stroke of one arm I set one aflame. As his skin melted and blood boiled the other recoiled in fear. He begged me to spare him. I did, but not without crippling him horribly. He fell to the ground, his legs withered and useless, and watched with horror as I opened the beasts cell. I summoned the beast, “Son of Mastema, come forth! I am here as your savior.” The beast stalked towards me and we locked eyes. I could see its hatred and knew it wanted nothing more than to rip into my flesh. I could see the beast was wounded from his recent capture. I raised my hand and in an instant healed its wounds and said, “This is the blessing of Mastema, your father. He has sent me to free you and bring you to him. You are to accompany me and fulfill his will. If you desire to stand with your father in glory someday, give this man as sacrifice to your father.” I pointed to the gimp laying in agony on the floor. As the beast moved towards the gimp, he lost control of his faculties and died in his own shit as the beast ripped the gimp’s head off.

As we rose from the dungeon many of the brothers had gathered in the great hall leading out of sanctuary. The beast stood ahead of me with blood dripping from his claws. I raised my voice and spoke, “This is the will of the Lord Mastema! Your Order is no more. Mastema has declared me founder of a new Order and ruler of all men. Step aside and you will be spared…for now.” As the beast led us down the hall, my former brothers parted like the cowards they are. We walked out into the night. We disappeared into the world, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


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