Julio Rayin

A thick, brown mustache is the first thing you might notice about this thin, dark skinned adventurer. It is also the only thing that distinguishes Julio from his brother, Paurin. His eyes are sharp and appear not to miss event the smallest detail.


Julio Rayin and his brother Paurin were born to a middle-class family in Barcelona, Ultagoth. Their father was a blacksmith and their mother maintained a small garden which was fairly successful and allowed her to share with the neighbors during difficult times.

As the brothers grew, it was clear that Paurin and Julio were very similar….but also very different. It often felt to Julio that his brother was always keeping a secret…but he could never figure out what. Julio grew up building all sorts of strange contraptions and could often be found tinkering with scraps from his father’s blacksmith shop. Paurin, on the other hand, was entranced by the seas and would stand outside, watching them for hours, even when great storms would roll in.

The brothers loved to gamble with their friends and became known for their intricate tricks that they would pull on nearly anyone. After a prank on a naval officer went awry, the two were forced into service in the famed Ultagoth navy which was always looking for new members.

While Julio generally disliked his time in the Navy, he was quite intrigued by muskets, pistols and cannons used upon the ships and began studying them obsessively. Paurin, on the other hand, seemed to come alive while upon the ship being a natural sailor.

One year into their service while patrolling off the Horn of Africa near the New Persian Empire, a storm unlike any other befell the ship and beached it upon a shoal, stranding the sailors. A day later, two large ships arrived. The sailors feared these were pirates who intended to kill them all and did their best to prepare for the worst. Instead of attacking, however, the pirates offered to allow the sailors safety in exchange for services upon the ship. While some refused to join the pirates and chose to remain with the stranded ship, an almost certain death, many others decided to join the pirates…including the Rayin brothers.

After a very successful two years with the pirates which gave Julio access to even finer projectile weapons, honed his gambling skill and sharpened his greedy tendencies, he was offered the chance to leave the ship. Julio saw the money which could be made and knew he was likely a fugitive in Ultagoth, having left the navy to join the pirates; however he also was not a sailor.

Paurin, his brother, was quite content in his position with the pirates, having quickly risen through the ranks to the second in command of the ship. It seemed the Captain and him has some sort of…strange connection…and Julio knew his brother would not be leaving the ship.

Julio was dropped off at a port near the Majestic Road and made his way to Viena to visit the University of Tinkers there to see what he could learn from them. This was his last known location until wherever he shows up next.


Julio Rayin

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