Hellscarred Earth

9/8/13 Tink's Loot

Tink ended up with 6 items total-

1. Icy Maul, $14.08k. Does 2 cold follow up dmg (after getting through armor)
2. Silver Belt Buckle, $530
3. Fancy Fabric, $150
4. Mustard Seeds, $19
5. Silver ring, $20k. Ench. Heat (6 pts), Ench Terror (24 pts)
6. Bottle/jar, $24k. Spice scent, Ench (madness 24 pts), great voice (18 pts)
7. Thrusting greatsword, $108k. Supernatural (ice), ench (control water elemental 6 pts, EC -4 pts)


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