Character Creation

Here are the character creation rules (subject to change as we go)

Characters are built with 225 points and recieve the Soulkin advantage free.

Race – any race template from a gurps book is fine, at least from what i’ve seen. The main ones will be from gurps fantasy and dungeon fantasy 2. If a template is in multiple books, use the template that costs the LEAST, you must use that template exactly.

Attributes – Normal rules apply, 14 is max for humans, 15 possibly with a good story and my permission. If your race template gives a you bonus of X to an attribute, your max will be 14+X. Example: Elf template gives you +1 dex, meaning your max will be 15

On Advantages
-If you make your own innate attack please let me know what it is and how it works
-Cybernetics is allowed, with the expectation that they are steampunked, hence not necessarily reliable or as good as listed
-Digital mind, requries you to be a steam powered human automota
-Extra life may be taken at character creation with one extra life, but may never be bought later on. If you take this, you need to tell me the reason behind the extra life and how it works.
- Modular abilities might require some explanation if you take it
-Radiation tolerance doubles as Hellscar energy (this will be explained more in world details)
- Advantages that provide free money need to be cleared first

Disallowed Advantages
-Altered time rate
-Unkillable (for now, going to do some research on this one)

Take as many as you like but be warned that they will all be used against you. And don’t be a dbag about this.

Divine casters will use power investiture, arcane casters magery, psionics works as normal.
Magery or Power Investiture over 3 requires you take an appropriate rank as either clergy or something related to mages.

Character Creation

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