Dark Ages

The Dark Ages referes to a time frame approximately from 712AD to 1030AD when the Earth went through a hellish period of racial purges and rioting, religious wars and general upheaval. Not a lot of records were kept or made it through this period and thus not a lot of the actual history is known. What is known are the following:

- Following the Manastorm, deities were apparently created/given power. This led to numerous religious wars fueled by the new found power each religions practitioners had. This also brought about the resurrection of ancient religions that were still practiced in small groups back into the mainstream. It wasn’t until the Treatise of Toleration that these would, more or less, end.

- Humanity being humanity, was naturally afraid and suspicious of the new ‘races’ created from The Great Change and in a lot of areas tried to purge them, imprision them, or at the very least they were treated as a new underclass. Towards the end of the Dark Ages the Treatise of Toleration put an end to the majority of the mistreatment of most races (some races are still feared or viewed with suspicion), and while not necessarily welcomed in the world with open arms, most of the new subspecies of human were granted at least basic rights in the world.

- Arcane magic became something to be dreaded and feared. Following the Manastorm magicians, runeworkers, sorcerors, wizards, warlocks, etc… suddenly found that their magic actually worked, resulting in quite a few accidental, and more than a few purposeful, spells causing destruction. Arcane magic users of all types were generally hunted down and killed, forcing practitioners to either hide or become immensely powerful in order to continue studying their new found powers. It wasn’t until well after the Dark Ages ended and Marebell Von Truiheim
founded the first College of the Arcane in order to study and control arcane magic, that magic began to be less feared.

- The first Hellscar’s were formed, spawned from atrocities and tragedies commited during the Dark Ages. The Dark Ages in most histories end with the first closure of a Hellscar.

Dark Ages

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