Equipment Rules

Starting characters begin with $4000 to spend on whatever they’d like. Our campaign is TL 5+1, meaning it’s set in the steam age but there are things more advanced than at the normal steam age except that they are different than they should be, examples are robots that use steam power or magic to power them, steam cars, etc…

All melee weapons, muscle powered range weapons, standard gear and armor may be purchased at the listed price in either Low Tech, High Tech or the Character book.

Guns and bombs at TL4 are bought at normal price, ones at TL5 are at x1.5 the listed cost, representing that they are new or prototype models and are more rare.

All items may be made of exotic materials or enchanted. Costs for these are based on Cost Factor(CF). For the total price of an item take its base cost and multiply it by (1 + CF), adding CF up as you add enhancements.

Exotic Materials and Weapon Enhancements
Balanced – (4 CF) – +1 skill with weapon
Dwarven – (
4 CF) – Changes parry of 0U to 0
Elvish – (16 CF) – bow shoots at +2 Str for range and damage purposes
Finely Made – (
9 CF) – -1 on breakage rolls; 1 to damage for cutting or impaling; +20% range for ranged weapon; crushing only, impaling only or thrown weapons increase CF +2; Fencing weapons, swords, bows, crossbows and guns +3 CF
Mithril – (
19 CF) – Immune to magic (turn blade, reverse missles, etc…), can’t be enchanted; metal weapons only.
Orichalcum – (29 CF) – Won’t break; +2 to breaking other weapons when using for parry; must be a metal item
Fancy – Adds to reaction rolls if displayed; +1 for 1CF, +2 for 4CF, +3 for 9CF
Silvered – Better against certain animals, fey, were’s, etc… +2 vs breakage; (
19 CF); weapon may be coated with silver, doesn’t work as well 2 CF
Masterwork – (
19 CF) – -2 odds of breaking; +2 damage

Blades – Represented by a steam powered chainsaw on the blade. Adds armor divisor (2) and +1 damage / +17CF
*Blunt and Thursting – Represented by a steam powered mechanism that shoots the head of the weapon towards it’s opponent. At +2 to strength for swing or impaling damage, weapon becomes unwieldy
*Bows – Steam powered bows utilize a mechanism that helps draw the bow as well as adds extra thurst. Add +2 to strength for impaling damage and add 50% range
*All steampowered weapons suffer from Catastrophic Failures, any time a critical fail is rolled with one of these weapons the results are determined by the GM but can be expected to be spectacular

*Dragonhide – Hard leather only. +1 – +4 DR, +37/44/52/89 CF (increases weight)
*Dwarven – Plate armor – Raises DR +1 – +3 / +1 CF per DR (increases weight)
*Elven – Mail armor only – Use full DR vs any type of attack / +3 CF
*Giant Spider Silk – Cloth armor only, +1 DR and can be worn under other armor for +2 DR without DX penalty / +99CF
*Mithril – Immune to magic (includes enchantments)
*Orichalcum – Bronze Plate only – Full DR at 1/3 weight /29
*Ornate – any armor – adds to reaction rolls +1 – +3 / +1, +4, +9 CF
*Spiked – Plate armor – Stab foes in close combat / +2CF
*Thieves – Mail – Ignore weight for encumbrance wehen climbing or stealthing

*Balanced – +1 to shield skill / +4CF
*Dwarven – +1 shielf bash damage, doubles weight / +4CF
*Mithril – Resists magic, +1 shield bash damage / +99 CF
*Finely Made – 3/4 weight / +9CF
*Mirrored – Reflects gaze attacks / +6 CF
*Orichalcum – 2/3 weight and +2 breakage odds when parrying / +149 CF
*Ornate – +1 – +3 reaction rolls / +1, +4 +9 CF

Per normal rules

Equipment Rules

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