Sometimes referred as the ‘Elvish Country’ as it’s population boasts about 65% elves. During the Dark Ages many elves flocked to this area in order to escape persecution. Following the Treatise of Toleration, many European countries began to stablize, Francen was one of the first. Not necessarily a country made for elves, it accepts anyone who wishes to become a citizen.

Northern borders are just past Paris, which is it’s capital. Eastern borders are shared with Germany and the Holy Roman Empire. Southern borders are shared with [[Ultagoth].

Francen is known as a country of great scholarship in both art and science. It’s lead by a democratic parliament with a Prime Minister voted in charge by the Parliament, the current Prime Minister is Jean Puipui.

Religious Status – About half Christian; a fifth Jewish; the rest being a mix primarily of Greek, Egyptian, Shamanism and Zoroastrianism


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