A Hellscar is a literal scar in the fabric of the world caused by an incredible autrocity or tragedy. A Hellscar tears the fabric of the world apart, often times leaving a literal chasm in the ground, filled with horrors, monsters, and Hellscar energy. The monsters and horrors from the Hellscar are generally seen as neither good nor evil, just the embodiement of pure destruction. As such they generally fight amongst each other, however it is not uncommon for them to leave the Hellscar and rampage across the countryside.

Hellscar energy radiates outwards from the center of the chasm, usually a few miles out, and slowly mutates anything that accumulates to much energy. Since the Hellscar’s began to be studied, a few protections have been created.

At it’s center, a Hellscar is ‘run’ by an immensly powerful being of entropy called an Imperator. It is unknown what exactly the Imperator does but it seems they have limited control over the denizens of a Hellscar. When an Imperator is destroyed the Hellscar dies off, within a few weeks the chasm closes and the world rights itself, replacing the land with whatever was there before the Hellscar formed.

Hellscars are also known to hold larger quantities than normal of exotic ores, jewels and other materials, however due to the Hellscar energy and denizens, true mining operations of these materials have yet to work.

The first Hellscar opened in 745AD in the city of Lausanne following the mass murder of dwarven refugees. The Hellscar consumed the town and it’s denizens devastated the countryside for almost 250 years until a Knights Templar band attacked it and slew it’s Imperator, making this the first Hellscar to be destroyed. Of the 60 members of the Knights Templar force that attacked, only three made it out alive, two of them being horribly disfigured and dying a few weeks later. The remaining Templar, Oricus Verinus, laid dying of a horrible poison for four days recounting the Knights Templar’s assault and destruction of the Imperator so that it may be repeated on other Hellscars.


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