Iron Empire

The Iron Empire is the largest and most prestigous of countries. It boasts claim over England, Ireland, Northern France, Southern India, Cape Town and its surrounding areas and the colony of New York in the Americas. Following the chaos of the Manastorm the Iron Empire was the first to rise above. King Joseph I became monarch in 950AD after fighting a brutal war against the warring tribes and cities of the British Isles. Once his kingdom had been solidified he quickly enacted decrees legitimizing subhumans (most of them anyways) as second class citizens, essentially making them working class citizens. Following the Treatise of Toleration King Joseph I’s decree was changed allowing the more seemly subhumans full citizenship. The Iron Empire enjoys a large defensive advantage over surrounding countries following the War of the Channel with the creation of the Mistveil Wall. At the end of the War of the Channel the Iron Empire was expecting a counter attack by Francen forces and had its most powerful mages create a wall of mist surrounding the British Isles. The Mistveil Wall is so thick and difficult to navigate, an Order of magically enhanced mariners was created, given an uncanny abilitiy to navigate through the Mistveil Wall as well as a curse preventing them from ever revealing their secrets under pane of death.

The Iron Empire is a very class based society, nobility, middle class and working class, all are fiercly loyal to their monarch and country. It is ruled by a monarchy, the current being Queen Margory the Sweet. It’s capital is London.

Religions – It is primarily Christian with small pockets of other religions. Most Christians look down upon practitioners of the other religions but are tolerant to an extant.

Leaders of the Iron Empire have always seen the benefit of progress, both in science and magic, and have nurtured both programs, becoming the most learned nation in both aspects. Colleges and universities are open to the public (assuming you can pass the entrance exams) and teach an array of magic, science and other subjects. With it’s high regard for science and magic, the Iron Empire’s military is quite strong which is needed for it’s massive colonization undertakings in the last 100 or so years. With a colony in the Americas, Cape Town and Southern India, a constant supply of soldiers and equipment is needed from the British Isles to support them, which works very well as the Mistveil Wall has, so far, deterred all attacks on the islands.

Iron Empire

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