Magic Rules

Magic rules are straight out of the book. The allowed magics are Clerical/Divine magic, traditional arcane magic, syntactic magic, rune magic and alchemy as well as Psionics.

Clerical/Divine magic users need Power Investiture instead of Magery. Any Power Investiture over 3 requires a religious rank to be purchased also. Ranks need to be purchased every two levels of Power Investiture, PI 4 = Rank 1, PI 6 = Rank 2, etc..

Arcane Magic uses Magery as normal. The rank system for Clerical/Divine Magic is the same rules for Arcane Magic.

Psionics uses all the rules and abilities from the Psionics book. Psionics are very misunderstood in this world and thus greatly feared. To the general masses they are seen as mages, but to those who understand magic they are seen as a frightful force, able to use ‘magic like’ abilities just by thinking about it, no rituals or studying involved. All psionicists are essentialy self taught as no formal institution has been created to study and teach psionics, and most hide their abilities under the guise of magic or just not using them in public. In most countries, if a psionic user is found out, they can excpect to be arrested at the least, lifelong imprisonment or being used for research being common also.

Magic Rules

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