Scarred Cities

Life in the Scarred Cities is difficult but necessary. Each city state has been redesigned to defend against the horrors of The Great Hellscar and it’s population trained for this duty. They run much like a normal city does but with the pretense that they could be attacked at any time. Each city state has a full garrisson of specially trained soldiers made up from local residents and troops from other countries that have pledged to help. These troops patrol along the outskirts of The Great Hellscar doing their best to contain the horrors and monsters it pours forth.

The Scarred Cities have also become centers of Hellscar research due to their proximity to The Great Hellscar. Research ranges from new weapons to fight the horrors, ideas for protecting yourself against Hellscar energy, thoughts on how to efficiently mine the exotic materials within, etc… Researchers are always welcomed in the Scarred Cities as their residents see hope for an easier life with each one.

The city states of the Scarred Cities are fairily self sufficient, with the exception of Vienna as it lies literally on the border of The Great Hellscars energy zone, and each one is it’s own city state, however there is a joint council that meets with delegates from each city state to discuss operations against The Great Hellscar. A fifth of Vienna is actually within the Hellscars border as well as quite a bit of what would have been good farm land, making Vienna the only city state that needs to import food and materials. It is however the most important city state not only for research, but it borders on one of the main exits of The Great Hellscar.

The City States of the Scarred Cities
Prague (by proxy, there are several larger towns closer to the scar but Prague is the main hub for supplies and troops, supporting each town as best as it can)

Each city state has it’s own government, most are governed by a monarchy or oligarchy. Religions vary greatly in each city state as they are generally accepting of anyone who will assist them.

Scarred Cities

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