Ultagoth is a country on the western end of Europe, covering Portugal, Spain and a small piece of western France. Originally created by the Visigoths, Ultagoth is historically known as the only European country to offer near normal rights for human subspecies following The Great Change. Ultagoth is known for it’s code of laws and legalities and their being a very progressive people. During the War of the Channel Ultagoth provided supplies and support to Francen who is a long time ally and friendly country, helping Francen push the Iron Empire forces back and were getting ready to provide troops and naval support for the invasion of the Britain before the Hellscar appeared and ended the war.

Magic is highly controlled in Ultagoth. Those who practice it must be licensed by a College of the Arcane Arts and those found practicing magic without a license are imprisoned or killed. Entering the Sail Age, Ultagoth began to compete with the Iron Empire in exploration of Africa and the Americas.

Ultagoth is ruled by a monarchy, the current monarch being Queen Eustice and it’s capital is Madrid.

Religious Status – Primarily Christian, a smattering of Shamanism, very small amounts of others.


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