Hellscarred Earth
World Map

712AD – The Manastorm and The Great Change begin the Dark Ages
1028 – Treatise of Toleration is enacted in Europe
1030 – Dark Ages end as the first Hellscar is closed
1039 – Bjorn the Binder begins his conquest
1049 – Bjorn the Binder‘s conquest ends with the creation of The Great Hellscar
1053 – Scarred Cities are formally established
1090 – The Norselands begin recovery from Bjorn the Binder’s rule and begin to spread into Western Russia
1115 – Grecian forces invade Southern Italy. The invasion is stopped at Naples and a cease fire is passed.
1220 – Countries of Francen and Ultagoth are formally established
1249 – War of the Channel
1250 – Egypt spreads it’s influence across Northern Africa
1389 – The Pale Death begins spreading through China causing deurbanization.
1392 – Japan is united under Shogun Tazyiki and invades China and Korea
1400 – Arabic Penninsula is united as the New Persian Empire
1435 – Civil war in India spreads into China and the New Persian Empire creating a massive conflict between all three nations
1450 – The first College of the Arcane Arts is founded
1501 – The Age of Sail begins.
1540 – Cape Town is established in South Africa becoming a major rest and resupply city for Europeans
1542 – First European boats arrive in India
1573 – The Americas are discovered
1592 – First colonies are established in the Americas. All are consequently destroyed by the end of the year. Many more attempts are made but all are quashed by Native Americans
1593 – Discovery of exotic and magical materials
1634 – The Steam Age begins
1638 – First University of Tinkers is established
1645 – First permanent colonies in the Americas are established in New York, Wilmington and San Juan. Settlers, Soldiers and Explorers will continue to use these colonies as jumping off points for their endeavors. It is at this time that Native North American and Europeans begin trying to communicate with each other instead of attacking each other on sight.
1660 – Construction begins on The Majestic Road
1722 – Present Day
Description of current times
The world today is quite different than one would expect. Rural areas are filled with ruins to be explored, monsters to be slain and treasures to be found, while the cities, seemingly diamonds form the outside, are rife with corruption and intrigue. This is a world where steam power and magic meet to create wonderful, and often, dangerous things. Bad blood and ancient hatreds are beginning to boil, the possibilty of creating a Hellscar barely keeping wars from breaking out. Old religions battle with new ones behind the scenes as the leaders of the world try to expand their influence without giving their opponents any ground. “New” worlds are opening to to be explored, not just the Americas and Africa, but different planes of existence as well. Oppurtunities are abundant for those who are willing to face the dangers.

Hellscarred Earth

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