Fr. Arval

An ancient Catholic Priest, dressed in his vestments, stares with eyes unseeing.


Fr. Arval is always dressed in simple priests vestments. His beard is a bit unkempt and his milky unseeing eyes seem to penetrate your soul as he looks at you. He smells of incense and a hint of rot, always has a large crucifix made of silver around his neck and walks using a long staff. Even in his advanced age, he speaks fluidly and clearly still smart as whip. Those who know of him claim he can see despite his apparent blindness. His church is always full of his ‘followers’, zombies of past parishioners who’ve declared their wishes to serve the church even after death. Fr. Arval guards and cares for his ‘followers’ with the unerring devotion he shows his still living parishioners.


Fr. Arval

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